Teach an animated art project 

- online training course for primary school teachers

Tailored for South Africa and aligned with the CAPS curriculum.

This is the perfect course for those who want to teach coding and art to students on grades 3-6. The course includes two live webinars with Code School Finland instructors and access to detailed teaching materials.

This course provides:
  • Detailed instructions and teaching materials for a beautiful art project to create with your students
  • Instructor-led online sessions with Code School Finland instructor to support and guide you. The online sessions will be recorded and shared with you, so if you cannot make it on the date or want to re-visit the session, you can do that.
  • Tips and inspiring materials for further lessons that combine art and code.


Two online webinars and access to online course.

Starting date

Tue April 18th, 2023 at 15:00 (GMT+2)

Experience level

No previous coding experience required.


Teacher training and teaching materials.


~4 hours


R490 (24.90EUR)

Sample student projects

The art project you will learn during this course combines a watercolor painting with code commands that animate the painting into a compelling piece of interactive art. 
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Lesson allocation for animated art project that you will teach

Reserve at least three lessons with your students to create the animated art project. Each lesson should be a minimum of 45 min.

Lesson 1

Warm-up activities

  • Unplugged programming exercise
  • Inquiry task
  • Explore and create in Scratch

Lessons 2

Do the paintings

Paint a butterfly or some other figure to be animated. Paint a separate background.

Lesson 3

Add animations

Upload the paintings in Scratch and add code to animate the figure.

About this course

Integrating coding with art is an excellent idea, because it enhances learning both subjects. It makes coding meaningful and gives students a great new medium for artistic expression. 

This course will help you teach a creative arts project to students who have no or some experience with Scratch programming. Doing the creative arts project with your students will take about 3 lessons (minimum 45 minutes each).

From you as a teacher, no previous computer programming experience is  expected. All programming is done with an easy visual programming environment Scratch, which is free to use and does not require any downloads. This course really is for beginners.

The course contains two live webinars that are scheduled as follows.
   Tue 18th April 2023 at 15:00-16:00 (GMT+2, Cape Town timezone)
   Tue 25th April 2023 at 15:00-16:00 (GMT+2, Cape Town timezone)

Recordings of the two above live webinars will be made available for participants. If you cannot make the webinar at the scheduled timeslot, you can watch it later in your own schedule.

Also included is a personalized 30 minute tutoring online session together with a friendly Code School Finland instructor. The online session will be scheduled to fit your calendar. The time can be used to go through the art project details and to answer any questions or challenges you may have.

Personal instructor at your disposal

A real person to take you through the content and to answer your questions available at a time that suits you. 

Detailed instructions for an art project

Get detailed instructions for creating an interactive artwork which teaches the basics of programming. 

Useful tips and advice for next projects

What else to do after the project is done? This course provides you with a list of useful tips and artistic coding projects to try out.

Course reviews by teachers

"As an art teacher with no previous coding experience I never imagined being able to teach coding. With this course it was  easy. The course was also an eye-opener on how well art and code go together. Some might think that it is not possible to combine coding and art. Art making is often associated with concepts like freedom, expressiveness and colorfulness. Coding on the other hand is described as systematic, organized, scientific, and rigid. But they do go together beautifully well, since coding is a great medium for artistic expression. Also art provides a meaningful environment for practicing coding.  My students absolutely loved the art project!"
Ms. Minna Pekkanen
6th grade arts teacher, Haukipudas, Finland
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Course Lessons

Instructors available on this course

Book your personal one-to-one online learning session with the instructor of your choice.
The time can be used to go through the course content and to answer any questions you have.
Sirkku Tahvanainen
Teacher trainer, code teacher
Meaningful conversations create motivational atmosphere for learning. Positive thinking and attitude are contagious.
Jussi Koivisto
Master trainer, code teacher
Learning is about adapting to change, learning about ourselves and building our own motivation to develop ourselves.
Megumi Iwata
Teacher trainer, code teacher
Collaborating with people from different countries is the best source of creativity and inspiration. And more importantly, it's fun to learn together!
Tarmo Toikkanen
Master trainer, code teacher
Promoting openness with information, research and learning is the way to change education long-term. 
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