Live webinars for South Africa August 2023

Live webinar links and recordings.

live webinars

Webinar dates

August 10th, 17th and 24th 2023


Sirkku Tahvanainen


3pm - 4pm South Africa Time Zone


Each webinar is 60 minutes


R 1000

About the webinars

Live webinars are designed to complement the course materials of the online courses the courses 21st century coding pedagogy and Digital creation and coding.  If you want to join the webinars buy the training from here.

During the webinars you will get an introduction to the courses, practise coding and get your questions answered. 

If you're unable to attend the live sessions, recorded versions of the webinars will be made available to ensure that everyone can benefit from the webinar content.

Practical approach

Our training is designed to provide the skills in a practical approach. 

Share your experiences

Connecting with fellow teachers will provide a valuable opportunity for peer learning

Recordins available

Webinar recordings will be made available the following day so you can revisit the content if needed. 

Sirkku Tahvanainen

Sirkku Tahvanainen has been training teachers teach coding, robotics and AI for 10 years all over the world.  Her goal is to facilitate meaningful conversations which create a motivational atmosphere for learning. Sirkku believes in positive thinking and that positive attitude is contagious.  

Contact Sirkku by email [email protected]
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