8 week online course

Study effort

20-30 min per week at own pace


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Activity book
Teacher's slides

Target audience

Teachers of children aged 5-9 years



Teach AI via art and play

- preschool and K2

Want to teach AI to kids in a fun way? This eight week course is for teachers in kindergartenpreschool and grades 1-2

It provides a course plan and materials for teaching Artificial Intelligence (AI) via art and play.  Learning sessions are designed for young children and teachers with no prior knowledge about Artificial Intelligence or coding.  During the course kids will also work on their own AI project.

This course runs for eight weeks. Each week you will get access to teacher's materials for a new AI theme.

Try it and then decide.

Using the 8-week payment plan, you can cancel the course any time after the first week.

About the student course

This online course is a teacher's edition for running a 24-session learning course for their students.  The course provides:
  • Introduction in the eight key themes of AI
  • Each theme contains three learning sessions
  • In total 24 learning sessions
  • Each learning session takes 20-30 minutes to execute with the students in classroom
  • Variations are provided for each learning session, so that sessions can be repeated multiple times during a course of a semester
  • During the course students will also work with their individual project that ties in with the learning session activities
Students will dream and design their own intelligent robot - the AI Robot - that uses data and sensors to gather input and algorithms for reasoning and learning. With their AI Robot, students learn key topics of AI and also to recognize the opportunities and threats that come with AI.
Perhaps one day when older the students will be able to implement the AI Robot for real.
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Downloadables in this course

With our downloadables, teaching Artificial Intelligence will be easy and fun.

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Student Workbook

Workbook for your students, which you can print.
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Teacher's slides

Slides to show to students during class.
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Digital Badge

Showcase your new AI teaching skills with a teacher badge.
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Certification diplomas for your students.

Course Lessons

Course creator

Sirkku Tahvanainen

M.Phil, Philosophy of Mind, Helsinki University (2003)
Studying theoretical philosophy has taught Sirkku how to think with clarity, to take a logical approach and to reason well. Sirkku has published several Artificial Intelligence (AI) teaching materials. She trains hundreds of teachers every year to teach programming, robotics and AI to children. Sirkku is easily approachable, well-liked and facilitates meaningful conversations which create motivational atmosphere for learning. She believes in positive thinking and that positive attitude is contagious.
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