Who we are

Our mission is to help teachers to teach digital skills, coding, robotics and AI in a way that promotes the development of the 21st century skills. We improve student learning and support teachers' professional development.

We are an education company based in Finland, the country with one of the best education systems in the world.  Since 2016, coding and robotics have been an integral part of the Finnish national core curriculum. We provide teachers with lesson plans and train them to teach coding. 
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Where we are

While our curriculum is based on the Finnish education model, we align with the learning objectives of international and national curricula globally. We work with schools and partners all over the world. Our curriculum and courses are available in China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico, South Africa and Hongkong with many more countries on the roadmap.

Our online courses have been designed for both in-service and preservice teachers in K-12 education

Looking for a solution for the whole school? Or a district?

Teachease service helps schools and teachers to provide engaging, project-based learning on coding-robotics, AI and digital skills.
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