How to teach coding? - 21st Century Coding Pedagogy

This course is for K-12 teachers. Get your questions answered and overcome any self-doubts about teaching coding. Adopt a teaching approach and a teacher role that works best.


4-6 hours of self-study.
Course access available 3 months.


Combination of videos, course readings and tests.
Professional learning tasks.
Online discussion forum.


Peer networking
Feedback from instructors


A downloadable certificate and a digital badge.

About the course

Developed by teachers for teachers, we wanted to create a high-quality summary of  important fundamentals for teaching coding that would be easy to understand and easy to put to practice.

This course will tell you all you need to know about teaching coding. 
How to teach coding the most effective way?
What is a good pedagogical approach?
How to maximize engagement of all learners?
What kind of projects to make when students have different skill sets?
How to be self-confident as a teacher when you're really not a coding superstar? (In fact you do not have to be!)
What kind of role does assessment have in coding instruction? 

This course is about adopting a teaching approach and a teacher's role that will make teaching coding and robotics fun and effective - both for you as a teacher and for your students. 

What do teachers say about this course?

This course offers great methods that well-trained educators can use. It's a very good summary of the differences in the role of the teacher. 
Ágota K.  / Hungary
MAth & Physics TEACHER IN High School, CS TEacher for 10-18 year olds
PBL / PhenoBL learning works well together with IPC / IEYC. This course has helped me to rethink and reflect on my own practice in classroom. 
Learning Innovation Coach and EARLY YEARS BILINGUAL TEACHER at an international school.
This course has alerted me to important aspects of pedagogy for teaching and learning coding. PBL / PhenoBL learning  is relevant pedagogy to produce vocationally skilled youth who meet the needs of industry.
Research Professor at A University of Technology

Why take this course?

Exactly what a teacher needs. 

Created by teachers for teachers, the focus is on pedagogical approach, teacher's role and assessment.

Boost your self-confidence.

You will understand how you can be a brilliant coding teacher without having to be brilliant in coding.

Get a certificate and a digital badge.

Stay ahead in the professional competition and showcase your expertise in your CV & Linkedin profile.

Achieve certainty and have us back you up.

Get all your questions answered and concerns relieved by discussing with our certified course instructors.

Gain a support network of like-minded teachers.

Participate in discussion via the online forum, share thoughts and ideas and build new connections. 

Develop your teaching approach for any subject. 

Be inspired by how the Project-based learning approach  can change your instruction.

Who is this course for?

  • Teachers in K-12
  • Coding tutors and after-school instructors
  • Teachers who want to start to teach coding
  • Teachers who already teach coding or robotics, and wish to improve their instruction
  • Teachers who want to overcome any self-doubts about their coding instruction
  • Teachers who want to find a way to motivate their students to learn more effectively
  • In- and pre-service teachers can tie the course tasks with their work by completing them in their classroom

Learning objectives

The course contains three sections.
You will get to grow your peer support network by discussing online with other teachers and Code School Finland instructors.

Pedagogy and
educational design

 Introducing Problem-Based Learning and Phenomena-Based Learning
 How to use peer learning as a part of collaborative programming learning
 Transversal learning goals in programming education


 Teacher’s role as a guide for learning rather than as an expert
 How to celebrate both success and failure while learning to code

Assessment is a tool
for learning

 Understanding the role of assessment in programming learning.
 Being able to design opportunities for students’ active feedback seeking and reflection.

Who developed this course?

We have years of experience in teaching coding and training teachers.

Dr. Juuso Nieminen

Post-doctoral researcher, pedagogical expert in assessment and inclusive education.

Jussi Koivisto

Master of Education, Technology Enhanced Learning, Oulu University

Sirkku Tahvanainen

Master of Philosophy
Doctoral licentiate, Helsinki University

Course reviews

Finally! There are so many online coding courses, but as a teacher that’s not what I need. I need a pedagogical angle to coding. This course helped me to understand how to plan and structure my coding instruction.
Maths & Chemistry subject teacher, Secondary school
Helsinki, Finland
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