Code School Finland
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Course: My AI Robot

SCHOOL YEAR: 2024-2025

Playful introduction to artificial intelligence (
AI) for small children implemented in a creative, unplugged learning environment. The learning module introduces young learners to the key principles of artificial intelligence and technology.
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About My AI Robot

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the ability of computers to perform complex analytical tasks. AI can process large amounts of data much faster than humans.

My AI Robot offers a curated collection of tasks to introduce the key principles of artificial intelligence to young children. Students will design their own intelligent AI robot in a learning process that does not require the use of any devices.
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Part of Teachease

My AI Robot is a part of the Teachease digital skills curriculum for international schools developed by Code School Finland.

The Teachease curriculum equips children and their teachers with age-appropriate teaching materials and techniques designed to not only furnish young learners with digital skills but also nurture vitally important transversal skills such as teamwork, logical thinking and project work.

About Code School Finland

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Code School Finland
is a private company from Finland working with international schools equipping and empowering them to teach coding, robotics, AI, and ICT. 
The company came into existence in 2016 as a result of Finland introducing coding as a compulsory school subject in a update national curriculum. Leveraging the experience of being at the forefront of this change, the company has become a part of the similar transition.

Transversal skills are the key defining feature of authentic Finnish education. It has been a major achievement incorporating life skills into school programmes, and Code School Finland is in the vanguard of their promotion on international stage.

Above all, My AI Robot promotes computational thinking to prepare young learners for their future digital skills education. In addition, the course supports creativity and individual agency of students to make the learning process interesting and engaging.
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