Digital creation and coding

This is the perfect course for teachers who want to learn to teach the basics of programming while promoting creativity and collaborative project work.
Learning happens through testing, exploring and problem-solving. The main focus is on fundamental concepts and practices of computational thinking.


Starting date



Jussi Koivisto


Student book


3-5 hours


About the course

This course will help you teach a coding project to students who have no or some experience with Scratch programming. The project consists of planning and creating an interactive story.  Doing the project will take 3 - 4 lessons (minimum 90 minutes each).

From you as a teacher, no previous computer programming experience is expected. All programming is done with an easy visual programming environment Scratch, which is free of charge and does not require any downloads. 

All the materials you need

  • Digital student book
  • Lesson plan

Detailed instructions

  • Detailed instructions for teaching a fun coding project  
  • Support from Code School Finland experts

Useful tips and advice for teaching coding

Learn the most effective ways to teach coding and computational thinking

Course reviews

Before I joined the teacher training program with Code School Finland I always thought that a teacher should have a computer science degree or background in order to deliver coding. But the training definitely proved the point that everyone can code, everyone can teach coding. 
Ms. Devinii Karunanithi
Teacher at HELP international school
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Course Lessons

Author of the course 

Jussi Koivisto

M.Ed, Technology oriented education

Jussi is a forerunner specialist and pedagogical expert in assessment, coding and mathematics for primary education. He focuses on digital learning environments, instructional design and gamification. 
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